What I Did with 3lb of Garlic

because Costco of course! We’ve had this garlic in the fridge for about a month and besides roasting about a cup and taking out a few cloves to cook with I haven’t done much with it and was getting a little antsy about spoilage and food-waste! My thought when purchasing 3lb of garlic was that […]

Notes I’ve Written to Myself in the Last Year Since Starting Weightlifting

2019 March 14: I trust myself. I trust my body. March 18: Investing in my current + future self March 19: Trust in your body, it knows what to do. March 22: I am doing the best for my body + my body knows what to do. March 25: I’m grateful for my body and […]

Read in the Moment or Delete Forever

Somehow I’ve managed to accumulate more than 10,095 emails in my personal inbox. Yikes.  Inspired by Jeremy’s recent post I thought I’d use this post-Christmas cleaning opportunity to catalog what I’m unsubscribing from. In Order of Deletion Pinterest; Covering explore.pinterest and inspire.pinterest. I don’t really use Pinterest that much so Goodreads Indeed; It was a good reminder to unsubscribe from Portland/Vancouver/Newport […]

Eggs in Bags (said in Chicagoan speak)

Currently in pdx for a few days and thought it would be fun to document what I ate this trip 2 years post-veganism. I made two Chemex this morning, one for immediate enjoyment and one for the car. I added Great Lakes collagen, Silk vanilla soy creamer, and a small amount of mct oil. Breakfast […]

What Happened to Rainbow Honey?

I was going through old emails and saw I had earned some rewards maybe from 2016? Yikes. And thought I’d check it out. The link led to an unsecure page. Ruh oh! After a lot of google stalking it appears they did the same thing I did and just evaporated from social media altogether. Not […]

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