I’m That B*tch That Got 16 Slices Out of Her Banana Bread

It’s been established among family that my “food memory” ability has pretty strong game. No better example than my recollection of making a banana bread recipe as a kid from a light tan spiral-bound Geneva Mother’s Club (now Geneva Women’s Club) cookbook from the late 70s or 80s?? It had all the standards: eggs, buttermilk/yogurt, […]

What I Did with 3lb of Garlic

because Costco of course! We’ve had this garlic in the fridge for about a month and besides roasting about a cup and taking out a few cloves to cook with I haven’t done much with it and was getting a little antsy about spoilage and food-waste! My thought when purchasing 3lb of garlic was that […]

Notes I’ve Written to Myself in the Last Year Since Starting Weightlifting

2019 March 14: I trust myself. I trust my body. March 18: Investing in my current + future self March 19: Trust in your body, it knows what to do. March 22: I am doing the best for my body + my body knows what to do. March 25: I’m grateful for my body and […]

Read in the Moment or Delete Forever

Somehow I’ve managed to accumulate more than 10,095 emails in my personal inbox. Yikes.  Inspired by Jeremy’s recent post I thought I’d use this post-Christmas cleaning opportunity to catalog what I’m unsubscribing from. In Order of Deletion Pinterest; Covering explore.pinterest and inspire.pinterest. I don’t really use Pinterest that much so Goodreads Indeed; It was a good reminder to unsubscribe from Portland/Vancouver/Newport […]

Eggs in Bags (said in Chicagoan speak)

Currently in pdx for a few days and thought it would be fun to document what I ate this trip 2 years post-veganism. I made two Chemex this morning, one for immediate enjoyment and one for the car. I added Great Lakes collagen, Silk vanilla soy creamer, and a small amount of mct oil. Breakfast […]

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