What Happened to Rainbow Honey?

I was going through old emails and saw I had earned some rewards maybe from 2016? Yikes. And thought I’d check it out. The link led to an unsecure page. Ruh oh! After a lot of google stalking it appears they did the same thing I did and just evaporated from social media altogether. Not […]

Alt Names for Feed Your Skull

About six years ago—June 17, 2011—to be exact, I set out to create a blog journaling and sharing my adventures on a raw food diet. I recently found the brainstorming list of possible blog names. Oh dear. Feed Your Skull still has a nice ring to it. Thank you Jeremy for coming up with that. Feed Your […]

Inside Out Book Tag

I just read KatSilver’s Inside Out Book Tag and want to participate even though I haven’t been in the reading mood lately. Maybe this will help! I (Inside flap/back of the book summaries: Too much information or too little? Your opinion?) Must have. I know I’ve gone a little crazy-eyed flipping a book around and around to find the […]

Top 3 Donald Trump Makeup Tutorials

1. F-Stop | Make Your Face Great Again Tutorial favorite lines “I personally like to use the shade, veiled white supremacy.” “You want to make sure it looks like you’ve been running your mouth all day.” “You know you’re done when it basically looks like a chapped anus.” 2. Kory DeSoto | Donald Trump Makeup Tutorial […]

There Was a Me Before You | School of Seven Bells

With the digital age of music I’ve realized something. I totally forget that I like listening to certain bands. Blame that on the fact that I don’t own any cds. No dusty cds. No cds lining my walls and shelves. No cds stacked dangerously high on my dresser. Instead I have to rely solely on playlists, […]

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