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Top 3 Donald Trump Makeup Tutorials

1. F-Stop | Make Your Face Great Again Tutorial

favorite lines

“I personally like to use the shade, veiled white supremacy.”

“You want to make sure it looks like you’ve been running your mouth all day.”

“You know you’re done when it basically looks like a chapped anus.”

2. Kory DeSoto | Donald Trump Makeup Tutorial

favorite lines

“To give yourself a beautiful old man rosacea.”

“Make those eyes look like two beautifully bleached buttholes.”

“Donald Trump loves a big pene.”


3. TadeleSmith | Donald Trump Makeup Tutorial

favorite lines

“Do you think money can buy you the highest ranking government position despite your complete lack of experience in politics.”

“Next build your business strategy presidential campaign based on blatant racism, religious discrimination, violence against women, and classism.”

“Next highlight your face with the highlights of your political career. Oh wait. Skip that step. I forgot you don’t have any.”

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