If shitty human beings, less than desirable humans, and just regular people who make mistakes weren’t allowed to have children, well, none of us would be here.

We won’t get into a pissing contest of who had it worse. Though we could probably have some good laughs and head shakes. Plus, I’d have to wear one of those female cups so I could stand and piss trying to get some distance instead of splattering all over my own legs.

Beside the point.

You can still be a really cool human being despite your early circumstances. You don’t have to repeat the cycle. You got off that track a long time ago.

Maybe you know this already, maybe you’re just hearing it for the first time, it’s something I would like you to know.

Even though you know this you might have to remind yourself of it every once in awhile.

Sometimes, more often than other times.

And don’t worry, we both know that the traits you deem admirable about yourself came from intelligence assessing your circumstances plus your own sweat and determination.

Remember that if you like yourself, you have to accept that all the things you went through made you who you are today.

Are there still things you don’t like about yourself?

Well, you’re an adult now and that’s something you have 100% control over to change.

Every day is a new day.

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