Eggs in Bags (said in Chicagoan speak)

Published Saturday late afternoon 🌘

Currently in pdx for a few days and thought it would be fun to document what I ate this trip 2 years post-veganism.

I made two Chemex this morning, one for immediate enjoyment and one for the car. I added Great Lakes collagen, Silk vanilla soy creamer, and a small amount of mct oil.

Breakfast was one and a half hard boiled eggs and two slices of sesame Ezekiel bread toasted with butter. *kisses fingers*

We left around 10 a.m. and at about two p.m. stopped for gas and snacks as we didn’t feel like a proper meal when we passed through Pasco. I grabbed two hard boiled eggs (which we split), a peanut butter chocolate Cliff Builder Bar, mozzarella stick wrapped in prosciutto, and some fancy adult lunchable that we split.

After checking into our downtown hotel room I dealt with an overflowing menstrual cup and jean washing in the sink. Fun! Thankfully no permanent staining! We then headed up to NW twenty-third for new jeans and dinner with our friend.

Thanks to Levis and weightlifting I experienced one of the easiest fitting room moments of my life. Indecisiveness led us to The Matador where I ordered a shot of tequila on ice and shredded chicken street tacos, blvd style. With an open facade, balmy outside temps and nice music the ambiance was 💯. Oh and I shared one of my tacos with J.

10 oz Modern Times Fruitlands Gose

We ended the night with small pours at Bailey’s Taproom. I ordered ten ounces of Modern Times Fruitlands Gose. Delightful. And somehow we accomplished over ten thousand steps despite sitting in the car all day.

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