Alt Names for Feed Your Skull

Published Wednesday late afternoon 🌓

About six years ago—June 17, 2011—to be exact, I set out to create a blog journaling and sharing my adventures on a raw food diet.

I recently found the brainstorming list of possible blog names. Oh dear.

Feed Your Skull still has a nice ring to it. Thank you Jeremy for coming up with that.

Feed Your Skull could’ve been…

  1. The Green We Live In
  2. Smart Food
  3. For the Love of Me
  4. Healthy Bee’s Knees lol, glad this was crossed out
  5. Michelle’s Veggie Ground
  6. Satisfied
  7. Veggie Cow
  8. Checkered Vegetarian
  9. Checkered Raw
  10. The Green Equinox
  11. Vibrant Passion
  12. Night of the Living Foods
  13. Checkered Eating
  14. Limelight Living Foods *actually was the blog name for a few months
  15. The Far Side of Eating
  16. Nice to Eat You
  17. Raw Oomph!
  18. Potable Posturings this one was REALLY crossed out
  19. Vigorous Vittles

Possible taglines for Limelight Living Foods were, 1. A veggie gurl in a sugar world 2. Cash your green in 3. Eat less, Eat better, Feel fantastic

Other notes from the page…

Things were much easier when I didn’t think of food

Six years later and that’s still something I think about from time to time.

Knowledge ultimately empowers you, but at times it can feel like wading through sludge.


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