Devils Tower

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Devils Tower | Michelle FeltThe thimble-shaped ‘cliff face’ looms over the Wyoming landscape and can be seen for miles in all directions.

Jeremy and I had several conversations supposing how it came to be.

Devils Tower | Michelle Felt

Turns out it was magma that rose through existing sedimentary layers.

It was my first time here and Jeremy’s first since he was a kid.

We walked the ~ mile around the tower so I have a comprehensive 360 degree photo tour appreciating all the angles.

Devils Tower | Michelle Felt

I think this string is prayer related. I saw few throughout the walk.

Devils Tower | Michelle Felt

Just some editing fun.


I love dark shadowed trees in the forefront and with sky/light/sunsets behind. I tried painting a memory of this from the Oregon coast, it turned out okay.

Jeremy climbing rocks. I wanted to, but also had my really good camera, so opted out.

Devils Tower | Michelle Felt

I love looking at and observing tree growth. It is absolutely amazing and unfathomable how long some trees have been here. I still haven’t found a source that explains tree biology in layman’s terms. Minute Physics, can you take care of this? k thanks.

Devils Tower | Michelle Felt

More tree.

Devils Tower | Michelle Felt

Devils Tower offers several impressive view points.

Devils Tower | Michelle Felt

Lush valleys with water sources, coverage, and ample light.

Devils Tower | Michelle Felt

As the magma cooled, hexagonal (and sometimes 4-, 5-, and 7-sided) columns formed. As the rock continued to cool, the vertical columns shrank in cross-section (horizontally) and cracks began to occur at 120 degree angles, generally forming compact 6-sided columns. [source]

Devils Tower | Michelle Felt

While we were there we saw 4-5 people climbing the side closest to the trailhead. According to Wikipedia only 1% of Devils Tower’s visitors climb the protruding rock face.

It was a beautiful day and hike around the formation. A nice couple thousand steps were added to our fitbits before getting back in the car and driving several more hours south.

For more history/knowledge/folklore on Devils Tower.


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