Read in the Moment or Delete Forever

Published Wednesday late afternoon 🌔

Somehow I’ve managed to accumulate more than 10,095 emails in my personal inbox.


Inspired by Jeremy’s recent post I thought I’d use this post-Christmas cleaning opportunity to catalog what I’m unsubscribing from.

In Order of Deletion

  1. Pinterest; Covering explore.pinterest and inspire.pinterest. I don’t really use Pinterest that much so ????
  2. Goodreads
  3. Indeed; It was a good reminder to unsubscribe from Portland/Vancouver/Newport job listings – we’ll at least be in Pullman at least another year.
  4. Zillow; Wow! Huge offender. ????
  5. Amazon.com Deal of the Day; Ugh online impulse shopping.
  6. Wyndham Rewards
  7. Choice Privileges
  8. The Nuts.com Family
  9. IMDb.com; I really only want phone notifications for new news on directors/actors/movies I’ve decided to follow. I don’t think this exists though because I get everything but.
  10. VeganEssentials.com
  11. The Vegg
  12. Brain Pickings Weekly; I’ve actually been unsubscribed for some time. Any time you think you’ll go back and read something, just know that you won’t. Read in the moment or delete forever.
  13. Google Local Guides
  14. If It Fits Your Macros; 12 Hours Left • Our Final Sale • 90% Off Now • It’s Not Too Late • Are you serious? • Massive Sale Starts Now • This is for you –If someone wanted to know how boring marketing is I’d refer to these. It’s a shame because I feel like they were emailing interesting content until September-ish of last year.
    down to 8,997
  15. Kiva
  16. notify@twitter.com
    down to 7,129
  17. Big 5 Sporting Goods
  18. Vegan Cuts
  19. Google Alerts; vegan • cruelty-free • plant-based • carmina burana 
    down to 6,359
  20. Skillshare; an example of staying subscribed to something just I remember I’ve paid for a service and I should use it. Terrible strategy for me.
    down to 6,124
  21. Stacksocial/Skillwise
    down to 5,636 
  22. Wacom
  23. Creative Market
  24. Picture Correct
  25. PETA
  26. FedEx Office
  27. 100% Pure
  28. PictureCorrect (older/different from #24)
    down to 4,930
  29. NW Veg
    down to 3,593
  30. Lana Del Ray; sorry sometimes I forget Twitter exists
  31. The Oatmeal; same as above
  32. Happify

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