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It’s Time to Ugly Cry, Jonathan Crombie Passed Away

When I learned about it a few days ago I was sobbing uncontrollably. It was an ugly, painful, and soul-crushing cry.

My husband wanted to console me over the loss of my first real-person crush as opposed to my previous crushes. Think Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks (the 80s version) or Michelangelo from TMNT.

He kept trying to hug me and be sweet, when I just wanted to be sad and cry and feel the pain of losing one of my longest loved actors and literary characters.

Because in a way, they are both lost now.

Wanting to type this out of my heart, I thought I had numbed the pain.

I thought I was over it, but I’m clearly not.


The ugly cry has returned.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a brief synopsis. My first experience with binge-watching TV happened when PBS had their seasonal pledge drive. Anne of Green Gables would play back to back interrupted every so often via pleas for money.


The Anne series was based on the also famous book series by Lucy Maud Montgomery. TBH I didn’t read the books until a few years ago. My Anne/Gilbert love was completely Kevin Sullivan/PBS-based.

sunburstAs a child I clung to fictional characters and their world as a means of escape. Anne’s world was one of my favorites. I would troll our seven channels every weekend over winter and summer break just hoping for it to be on. At some point I discovered I could rent the VHS tapes from my library.

I discovered my bad eyesight while watching Anne

I remember it distinctly. I was sitting in the recliner feet up and blanket on. I’m pretty sure I was sick with a head cold and Anne was playing at the other end of the room. I was seeing Anne and the living room how I always had. It seemed normal for me. But then I saw my Dad had left his glasses on the side table before he went outside in the rain. I thought it would be funny if I put them on and so I did.


Is this how things look? Is this how people see? WHAT?

Everything was so crisp and vibrant. Imagine editing a photo and sliding contrast/sharpness/saturation all the way up. That’s what those few seconds felt like.


Hello Gilbert. I mean I liked you before, but now that I can see you. My heart.

I kind of forgot about Gilbert—I mean only a little—when high school came along. Anne of Green Gables was still one of those things I happened to watch once or twice a year.


Then in my mid-twenties I realized I could ‘stalk’ old crushes on the internet and see what they were up to. Meghan Follows still acted did Jonathan?

Thanks to a little googling circa 2006ish I found Jon was in a Broadway production of The Drowsy Chaperone. And it was playing in Chicago later that year.


And I WENT. I dragged invited my fiancé and two friends. It was great! I mean it was amazing to see Jon on stage doing what he loved. I don’t remember how much I actually loved the story or singing, it was more about seeing part of my childhood irl as an adult.

My sympathies and heartfelt sorrow to everyone who lost a little bit of their heart the other day. Internet hugs for you. xx


What a Teenager’s Room Looked Like in the Late 90s


This is kind of a time capsule post. I just came across these photos in a folder. On a hard drive. Why not vomit them onto the interwebs?

This is what my late 90s room looked like.

When pictures were taken with disposable cameras because your family didn’t own a real camera.

For starters, I was OBSESSED with The Offspring in high school, but if I share a few more photos I probably won’t need to tell you that.

Cds were important as well as a big boom box. Now I can put my iPhone in a bowl and jam out to 100+ albums or unlimited albums if I listen through Rdio.

I smoked off/on for a few years in high school and I used to have the woman I babysat for buy me cartons, which I then gave/sold to friends and kept the remainder hidden behind one of my dresser drawers. #teenagesecrets

My room circa 2000_0001

I drew, oil pasteled, and color penciled Offspring artwork. This is around the time my skull obsession started. Btw, it’s still going strong seventeen years later.

my room circa 2000

I also cut things out of magazines. Like the absolut ads in the previous photos, most of those were stolen from library magazines. With a razor blade.

My room circa 2000_0002More Offspring. Prom flowers. Beta food. Movie ticket stubs.


There was also a lot of Star Wars. This was around the time of the remastered releases to the theaters. I also had a 20+ troll collection. My favorites were from Russ.


I had at least 4 Offspring posters and almost every inch of my walls were covered. When I moved out it was pretty crazy taking down all of the clippings. I think I threw most of them out at the time or saved them for a few years before recycling them.

1.xx.96_0005I few years before Offspring arrived, I had a Keanu corner sprinkled with a little bit of Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick.

1.xx.96_0004Yes. You’re seeing that correctly, a Johnny Mnemonic poster alongside A Walk in the Clouds.

My room circa 2000_0003More skulls.

How was your room decorated as a teenager of the late 90s? Can you relate to my ocd-style of decorating?