What a Teenager’s Room Looked Like in the Late 90s

Published Wednesday night 🌓


This is kind of a time capsule post. I just came across these photos in a folder. On a hard drive. Why not vomit them onto the interwebs?

This is what my late 90s room looked like.

When pictures were taken with disposable cameras because your family didn’t own a real camera.

For starters, I was OBSESSED with The Offspring in high school, but if I share a few more photos I probably won’t need to tell you that.

Cds were important as well as a big boom box. Now I can put my iPhone in a bowl and jam out to 100+ albums or unlimited albums if I listen through Rdio.

I smoked off/on for a few years in high school and I used to have the woman I babysat for buy me cartons, which I then gave/sold to friends and kept the remainder hidden behind one of my dresser drawers. #teenagesecrets

My room circa 2000_0001

I drew, oil pasteled, and color penciled Offspring artwork. This is around the time my skull obsession started. Btw, it’s still going strong seventeen years later.

my room circa 2000

I also cut things out of magazines. Like the absolut ads in the previous photos, most of those were stolen from library magazines. With a razor blade.

My room circa 2000_0002More Offspring. Prom flowers. Beta food. Movie ticket stubs.


There was also a lot of Star Wars. This was around the time of the remastered releases to the theaters. I also had a 20+ troll collection. My favorites were from Russ.


I had at least 4 Offspring posters and almost every inch of my walls were covered. When I moved out it was pretty crazy taking down all of the clippings. I think I threw most of them out at the time or saved them for a few years before recycling them.

1.xx.96_0005I few years before Offspring arrived, I had a Keanu corner sprinkled with a little bit of Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick.

1.xx.96_0004Yes. You’re seeing that correctly, a Johnny Mnemonic poster alongside A Walk in the Clouds.

My room circa 2000_0003More skulls.

How was your room decorated as a teenager of the late 90s? Can you relate to my ocd-style of decorating?

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