There Was a Me Before You | School of Seven Bells

With the digital age of music I’ve realized something. I totally forget that I like listening to certain bands. Blame that on the fact that I don’t own any cds. No dusty cds. No cds lining my walls and shelves. No cds stacked dangerously high on my dresser. Instead I have to rely solely on playlists, […]

This Album Cover Though – MOTHXR

It’s just everything. How? What? Perfect. The kill me now school picture back drop. Headphones that killed your hearing because the music was never loud enough. That eye shadow though. Let’s not forget the hair. Aquanet queen! ???? I’m glad I was a g*ddamn child in the 80s. 90s fashions seem so boring and normal […]

#LivingFor // Santigold’s 99 Cents

Yaaas Queen!!! Ever since the season finale of The Mindy Project I’ve been obsessed with Santigold [tumblr]. Today she released 99 Cents, her third studio album. It’s a g*ddamn treat to wait so patiently for something and have those accidental expectations exceeded—considering there are four years between records. Even though—technically—I haven’t waited 4 years. ???? I’m currently at my […]

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