What Happened to Rainbow Honey?

I was going through old emails and saw I had earned some rewards maybe from 2016? Yikes. And thought I’d check it out. The link led to an unsecure page. Ruh oh! After a lot of google stalking it appears they did the same thing I did and just evaporated from social media altogether. Not sure if they did a few final goodbye posts on any of their social media, but IG and facebook are deleted as is their website. Twitter is still up, but hasn’t been used since 2014. RIP Rainbow Honey. ???? ????

Alt Names for Feed Your Skull

About six years ago—June 17, 2011—to be exact, I set out to create a blog journaling and sharing my adventures on a raw food diet.

I recently found the brainstorming list of possible blog names. Oh dear.

Feed Your Skull still has a nice ring to it. Thank you Jeremy for coming up with that.

Feed Your Skull could’ve been…

  1. The Green We Live In
  2. Smart Food
  3. For the Love of Me
  4. Healthy Bee’s Knees lol, glad this was crossed out
  5. Michelle’s Veggie Ground
  6. Satisfied
  7. Veggie Cow
  8. Checkered Vegetarian
  9. Checkered Raw
  10. The Green Equinox
  11. Vibrant Passion
  12. Night of the Living Foods
  13. Checkered Eating
  14. Limelight Living Foods *actually was the blog name for a few months
  15. The Far Side of Eating
  16. Nice to Eat You
  17. Raw Oomph!
  18. Potable Posturings this one was REALLY crossed out
  19. Vigorous Vittles

Possible taglines for Limelight Living Foods were, 1. A veggie gurl in a sugar world 2. Cash your green in 3. Eat less, Eat better, Feel fantastic

Other notes from the page…

Things were much easier when I didn’t think of food

Six years later and that’s still something I think about from time to time.

Knowledge ultimately empowers you, but at times it can feel like wading through sludge.


Inside Out Book Tag

catreadingI just read KatSilver’s Inside Out Book Tag and want to participate even though I haven’t been in the reading mood lately. Maybe this will help!

I (Inside flap/back of the book summaries: Too much information or too little? Your opinion?)

Must have. I know I’ve gone a little crazy-eyed flipping a book around and around to find the summary. I especially hate when paperbacks just have a list of kudos quotes. Like. No. Draw me in. Put the needle in my arm and pull me along.

So, yeah. I love summaries. I love ones that give you enough, but leave out everything. Similar to a good movie trailer.

N New book: What form do you want it in? Be honest.

I would say it doesn’t matter, but I probably prefer paperbacks. Don’t tell my husband, hardbacks are his #1.

I love ‘abusing’ books. Curled up in bed clutching the cover with intensity as my eyes crawl over the page. It’s intimate.

I try to buy kindle copies first, because confession time…I’m a book hoarder. I love buying books I won’t read for years. Just holding onto them is like a weird comforting osmosis. Kindle allows me to hoard and easily look up the meaning of words or highlight lines I love.


S Scribble while you read? Do you like to write in books while you’re reading or do you keep your books clean?

No. Definitely not. As much as I might like curling a cover or cornering a page, writing in a book seems offensive. Even books you’re supposed to write in, I like to use a notebook instead.

I have come around to writing in cookbooks to rate recipes or make notes. But that’s it.

I In your best voice, read us your favorite opening line.

I don’t know how I’d ever keep track of a favorite opening line. I remember loving things in the moment, but nothing that I’d remember word for word later. Or it just hasn’t happened yet.

I love when a book is able to grab me with the very first sentence vs 20 pages in. I think The Girl on the Train did that for me. So, that must mean ‘favorite first line’.

I’m going to start paying attention to this.

D Does it matter whether the book you’re readings author is male or female?

Not really. I love books no matter. But if I’ve solely read male authors for awhile, I try to make a point to balance it out. It’s good to balance perspective.

E Ever read ahead? Or have you ever read the last page before you got there?

Not intentionally. That’s a lie. It was under the guise to see how many pages were in the book and oops I read a few words on the page.

The only other time was when I lost my place and started reading too far ahead.

I generally don’t like to do that though. I’m patient.

O Organized bookshelves or outrageous?

Kind of organized. I have mostly non-fiction and cookbooks, so I organize them in collections. Genocide. Atomic bomb testing. Native American. Vegan cooking. Fermentation.

I love when I see books organized by colors or first letters of the title, but I don’t think I could ever do that. I’m more like a library.


U Under oath: Have you ever bought a book based on ONLY the cover?

Oh. Absolutely. Book aesthetics get me hard. I’ve even been disappointed when a book’s cover art has changed. ???? Like why?! Why did they do that?

I especially like judging when picking a book at random.


T Take it out to read or stay in?

It has to be a really good book for me to read it outside. I’m easily distracted and love to observe what’s going on around me.

That being said I do love reading on the beach, but I’ve never tried going on a hike to summit read.

My favorite spot to read is in bed. It’s something familiar from childhood where I can draw the walls around me and fall into the story.

How do you feel about some or all of these things? Tag yourself and let me know on Twitter @michellefelt! 

Until next time…

Top 3 Donald Trump Makeup Tutorials

1. F-Stop | Make Your Face Great Again Tutorial

favorite lines

“I personally like to use the shade, veiled white supremacy.”

“You want to make sure it looks like you’ve been running your mouth all day.”

“You know you’re done when it basically looks like a chapped anus.”

2. Kory DeSoto | Donald Trump Makeup Tutorial

favorite lines

“To give yourself a beautiful old man rosacea.”

“Make those eyes look like two beautifully bleached buttholes.”

“Donald Trump loves a big pene.”


3. TadeleSmith | Donald Trump Makeup Tutorial

favorite lines

“Do you think money can buy you the highest ranking government position despite your complete lack of experience in politics.”

“Next build your business strategy presidential campaign based on blatant racism, religious discrimination, violence against women, and classism.”

“Next highlight your face with the highlights of your political career. Oh wait. Skip that step. I forgot you don’t have any.”

There Was a Me Before You | School of Seven Bells

With the digital age of music I’ve realized something.


I totally forget that I like listening to certain bands.


Blame that on the fact that I don’t own any cds.

No dusty cds.

No cds lining my walls and shelves.


No cds stacked dangerously high on my dresser.

Instead I have to rely solely on playlists, social reminders, or tv shows to shock me into ‘oh yeah! i f*cking love that band!‘.

That happened recently with School of Seven Bells. Totally forgot about them.

In 2012 we saw them at Music Fest Northwest in Portland.

Along with this happy dancer and Atlas Genius. And Silver Sun Pickups. I only went to the Pioneer Square shows, but it was a great time.

Thanks to the new release section of Spotify I noticed School of Seven Bells came out with SVIIB, their 4th album. Oddly enough this album was written during their tour break that year.

School of Seven Bells recent wiki learnings

All I could tell you before reading their wiki page was that I loved all of their albums.

  1. The band was twin sisters (Alejandra & Claudia Deheza) and a guy, Benjamin Curtis
  2. In 2010 Claudia left the band
  3. In 2013 Benjamin Curtis died of T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma
  4. Named after a South American pickpocketing academy whut?!

SVIIB audio tracks

  1. Ablaze
  2. On My Heart
  3. Open Your Eyes
  4. A Thousand Times More
  5. Elias
  6. Signals
  7. Music Takes Me
  8. Confusion
  9. This is Our Time

This ended up being an emotional revisit to the band. I had no idea. ????

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