Top 3 Donald Trump Makeup Tutorials

1. F-Stop | Make Your Face Great Again Tutorial

favorite lines

“I personally like to use the shade, veiled white supremacy.”

“You want to make sure it looks like you’ve been running your mouth all day.”

“You know you’re done when it basically looks like a chapped anus.”

2. Kory DeSoto | Donald Trump Makeup Tutorial

favorite lines

“To give yourself a beautiful old man rosacea.”

“Make those eyes look like two beautifully bleached buttholes.”

“Donald Trump loves a big pene.”


3. TadeleSmith | Donald Trump Makeup Tutorial

favorite lines

“Do you think money can buy you the highest ranking government position despite your complete lack of experience in politics.”

“Next build your business strategy presidential campaign based on blatant racism, religious discrimination, violence against women, and classism.”

“Next highlight your face with the highlights of your political career. Oh wait. Skip that step. I forgot you don’t have any.”

There Was a Me Before You | School of Seven Bells

With the digital age of music I’ve realized something.


I totally forget that I like listening to certain bands.


Blame that on the fact that I don’t own any cds.

No dusty cds.

No cds lining my walls and shelves.


No cds stacked dangerously high on my dresser.

Instead I have to rely solely on playlists, social reminders, or tv shows to shock me into ‘oh yeah! i f*cking love that band!‘.

That happened recently with School of Seven Bells. Totally forgot about them.

In 2012 we saw them at Music Fest Northwest in Portland.

Along with this happy dancer and Atlas Genius. And Silver Sun Pickups. I only went to the Pioneer Square shows, but it was a great time.

Thanks to the new release section of Spotify I noticed School of Seven Bells came out with SVIIB, their 4th album. Oddly enough this album was written during their tour break that year.

School of Seven Bells recent wiki learnings

All I could tell you before reading their wiki page was that I loved all of their albums.

  1. The band was twin sisters (Alejandra & Claudia Deheza) and a guy, Benjamin Curtis
  2. In 2010 Claudia left the band
  3. In 2013 Benjamin Curtis died of T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma
  4. Named after a South American pickpocketing academy whut?!

SVIIB audio tracks

  1. Ablaze
  2. On My Heart
  3. Open Your Eyes
  4. A Thousand Times More
  5. Elias
  6. Signals
  7. Music Takes Me
  8. Confusion
  9. This is Our Time

This ended up being an emotional revisit to the band. I had no idea. ????

This Album Cover Though – MOTHXR


It’s just everything. How? What? Perfect.

The kill me now school picture back drop. Headphones that killed your hearing because the music was never loud enough.

That eye shadow though.

Let’s not forget the hair. Aquanet queen! ????

I’m glad I was a g*ddamn child in the 80s. 90s fashions seem so boring and normal in comparison.

That colorful cascade of nylon. The swishy feeling of borrowing my Grandma’s colorful windbreaker. Yup.

Walkmans. Yaas girl.

What is she daydreaming of? Thighmaster infomercials? A blue eye shadow #motd? The time her hair caught on fire??

We’ll never know for sure.

And you know what? The album music is pretty good too. I’ve never heard of Mothxr and picked it soley based on being a new release and the artwork.

I think I’m into these 80s sounds revisited. VHS Dreams is another good example.

???? ????

Old Eating Habits

Thinking back on high school eating and exercise habits.

I never realized how daily calisthenics in gym class and a few other key factors really affected my ‘natural’ slimness in high school.

I took it for granted.

Looking back I think part of it is that someone else had control of that. They told me I had to go to gym class. And with a few eye rolls I had to do jumping jacks, situps, pushups, burpees, go to the weight room (Tuesdays and Thursdays), or run a certain number of laps.

Is that why people have such success with trainers? Because someone is telling them what to do?

My eating habits and height also contributed.

I know I had poor body image, but I don’t ever think I had an eating disorder in high school. For breakfast I usually had a banana or nothing at all. It’s not that I was limiting calories, it was more, I didn’t want to go poop. Especially at school.

Eating meant possible gas, stomach pains, embarrassment. I would need to leave class and announce it to the world. Would the teacher even let me leave?

Going in a public bathroom where the mean bitches could be mean (I don’t even know what would happen, but I had a good enough imagination).

Lunch was almost always less than $1. Growing up my Dad was very very frugal. I was not the kid with lunchables, pacific suns, hot lunches, or anything similar.

If it was fun we probably got it at Aldi so the off color, off branding, off flavor was nothing to be proud of. Oh you have Gushers?? I have these grey oozers that barely have any fruity corn syrup in them.

So, I never asked my Dad for money and there wasn’t always school appropriate things to take for lunch or I didn’t want to.

I grew up putting half of my money into savings and the freedom to spend the rest. It wasn’t much, but the ‘fun’ half went towards school lunches, and anything else. Daily lunches averaged around $1.  75¢ for a bagel with cream cheese and 25¢ for a milk.

Hardly any calories. Certainly no nutrition.

Day in. Day out.

Dinner was probably the best meal of the day, but first there was post school snacking—which I only realize while typing this that, that was more likely my lunch. I would make a sandwich, have chips, or eat leftover coffee cake on the counter. Interesting.

Dinner was usually a meat of some sort and a frozen vegetable. Our freezer, we had three of them, were filled with ice cream, bags of Aldi frozen vegetables, and meat.

The best meals my Dad made were crockpot chickens with carrots and potatoes. Sometimes even celery. They were pretty well rounded and always tasty.

And I always had cottage cheese. Good old cottage cheese.

So, I think I naturally fluctuated between restricting and binging, but I don’t think in a completely unhealthy way?? But I don’t know. It’s a hard thing to have perspective on.

Any binging I did was usually in the summer when my friend and I would walk from our East side homes the 2+ miles across town to Kiss the Sky and somewhere along that journey we would stop at a 7-11, White Hen Pantry, or gas station and pick up a Squirt or Cheetos—both if I was lucky.

I was and am still proud of my ability to put away a bigger bag of Cheetos. The crunch sensation, the cheese, the SALT, the leftover coating on my fingers. I still haven’t found a vegan snack as satisfying. But I gave up Cheetos long before I was vegan.

There was often a big snack after school and that’s probably because my lunches weren’t big.

I wonder how many calories I consumed back then on average??

#LivingFor // Santigold’s 99 Cents

Santigold 99 Cents

Yaaas Queen!!!

Ever since the season finale of The Mindy Project I’ve been obsessed with Santigold [tumblr].

Today she released 99 Cents, her third studio album.

It’s a g*ddamn treat to wait so patiently for something and have those accidental expectations exceeded—considering there are four years between records. Even though—technically—I haven’t waited 4 years. ????

I’m currently at my standing desk jamming and dancing to Banshee.

I wish the lyrics were already available. It’s kinda unbelievable how early I am listening to this. I’ve seen her videos and audio tracks pop up in my youtube sub feed, but didn’t realize the release date was today.

Track Listing & Thoughts

  1. Can’t Get Enough of Myself (featuring B.C.) [official audio] // a reggae-60s hybrid, easy to dance to
  2. Big Boss Big Time Business [official audio] // a song for any hardworking entrepreneur – jam out while dancing at your Ikea standing desk
  3. Banshee [official audio] // “let me play with fire tonight” – Happy Friday! I love to play with fire ????
  4. Chasing Shadows // much like the whole album, I just want it to be summer, sunny, and driving with the windows down and the wind in my hair
  5. Walking in a Circle [official audio] // I picture a Bowie-hybrid from Labyrinth/The Hunger stalking through a late 80s early 90s music video set with dry ice fog rolling around
  6. Who Be Lovin Me (featuring ILoveMakonnen) // also feeling an 80s vibe -love the beats
  7. Rendezvous Girl [official audio] // more 80s feels and it’s like I’m a kid in the middle of summer
  8. Before the Fire [official audio] // “I was born before the fire” feels very earthy and spiritual, I want to dance around in the forest with long wavy hair streaming down my back and the sun setting over the Palouse
  9. All I Got [official audio] // “you want it, you got it, come get it” yaaaas!
  10. Outside the War [official audio] // her voice tho, I’m living FOR IT!
  11. Run the Races [official audio] // one of the (maybe the only) slower song, good bass, it’s like dancing to a poem
  12. Who I Thought You Were [official audio] // “are you ever going to be who I thought you were?

Official Videos

The album is so so so good. I’m content. It’s on Spotify and Amazon Prime, but I want to buy it. Gotta support the art we love! xx

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