I Hacked a Standing Desk

Ikea standing desk hack

Today was my first day using a standing desk and I LOVED it!

I wish I had a before picture of this space, because it’s dramatically different.

Before feelings.

Aesthetics. I used to have a 1970s brown desk. Ugly.

Location location location. It faced the back wall. Everyone that approached me came from behind and above. I hated it. According to Greatist, I was missing out on the commanding position. It sounds sexual, but I assure you it’s not.

Pretzel-ness. After a few hours of working in a chair, my body curls into this left leaning fetal position as I type. Also, my legs are crossed. I couldn’t help but think I was slowly killing off my organs and circulation.

Because of the miserable space and the desire to want to enjoy it—space where I spend 65% of my week—I decided I had to find a way to make it work.

The task seemed impossible though, I don’t have much space to work with and resources aren’t readily available.

What was repurposed?

Others in my hallway had recently cleared out extra desks and other pieces of random furniture. They were left at the end of the hall in what sometimes turns into an office junkyard.

The desk above captured my eye. Its white-grey brilliance feels a million times better than the brown, there’s just something open about it.

The white desk is a little bit longer, but I shifted it to fit, which also allows me to assume the commanding position. Finally.

The ‘wall’ between the two desks is not attached to the back wall. The two desks support its existence. Luckily the new arrangement did too.

The second repurposed item was the shelf that holds my keyboard. My husband ordered that from Ikea for his standing desk and due to his tall stature didn’t end up needing it. Perfect for me.

What was bought new?

The table. It’s the Amazon version of the Ikea Lack except I was able to use my prime shipping.

The mat. An anti-fatigue mat is recommended, “This will provide support for your feet and relieve pressure on your heels, back, legs, and shoulders, which in turn helps you stand for longer.” Side note: if you go to amazon and look at the stock photos, enjoy the sexism. Man working at an office desk. Woman and child in the kitchen.

The plant. I bought the plant at Safeway on an impulse and I’m so happy I did. Plants add oxygen to the air and just the fact that there’s something green and growing in your immediate vicinity makes everything about work feel more inspiring.

General hardware. Four machine bolts with washers to support the shelf. Four wood screws to attach the shelf to the brackets—you don’t have to, but it adds good support.

$95ish dollars total.

How was my first day?

Wonderful! I haven’t felt that refreshed at work in awhile. Before today, I couldn’t have imagined what it would be like to stand and type. I thought it was impossible. It was actually incredibly comfortable. Time seemed to pass quickly and I never felt the need to lean or sit down. It was so great in fact that I ordered another table and shelf to make one for my home office.

I can’t wait to see how I feel after a few weeks! I’m curious to see if my fitbit steps increase, my legs get more toned, and my hips loosen up a bit. #expectingmiracles

How to hack your own standing desk – see $22 Ikea Standing Desk.

It’s all in the measurements.

Do you have a standing desk and have seen benefits? Myself and other readers would love to hear.

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